Monday, 24 March 2014

Busy Bee

March is a rather busy month for me. Why? Because I am going to start to work again this month! Thanks, God. And fortunately, my office is soooooo near from my home. It's about 10 minutes if I ride my motorbike. I will be busied with lots of translation job. Besides, I also should do my ministry in church. I serve the Sunday School. And, I can't do all those things without crocheting in between. Yes, my crochet business is increasing now, I have a friend helped me to do the admin things, and another friend to the marketing things. I love to work with them. And I loooove crocheting much.

When I checked my shoes rack, I found that I didn't have any proper shoes for me to wear when I work. So, my hubby bought me these lovely shoes. It's Nevada.

Oh, and this March, I have my birthday. My mom gave me this cute wristwatch in my favorite color. Thank you, mom.

Have a lovely Monday, people!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Late Post

Woohoo! How time flies by! It's February! Okay, I'm a little bit lazy to write anything recently, I don't know why. Sigh. But, I can't wait to share my works to you all.

Do you remember my project of granny patchwork blanket? It grows and I love it.


 Those pictures were taken when it only had the first row. It has grown into three rows. Each row contains of 16 squares. 

I'm so excited about this project. I manage to make at least a square each day. 

Each square is so easy yet pretty. 

Oh, I have promised you to post my water dispenser cover in the last post. Okay, I'll share you the picture.

My water dispenser now looks pretty with the cover. 

My hubby is working with a lot of data. He has so many flashdisks to store the data because they are the most portable thing to bring the data everywhere. But, he now has no any storing for them. He asked me whether I could make him a bag or something to bring the flashdisks. It should be a handy one. Okay, I tried to think about the shape and form. Then, when I browsed in the internet, I saw a hook case. It was crocheted. Hmmmm.... my mind started to play. AHA! Then I grabbed my hook and collected my left over yarns. Guess what I was making?


 The label is my brand for my bag products. I hand stitch the zipper. When I gave it to him, he smiled and said thank you. Mission accomplished. :D

I often go everywhere using my motorcycle. It's so damn hot in Indonesia in the afternoon. My skin gets burn so quickly. My hands and foot skin are darker than my other skin. :( 

I need something to cover them, but it has to be cute. I dug my yarn box. Aaaah. .... another left over yarn. And here I go. I made this fingerless gloves. I don't like to wear gloves with my fingers covered. So, here they are:

It's so easy. You just need a hook and some yarn. :D

I wear it everywhere whenever I'm on my bike.

And you know what? When I went to my mom's home, I almost screamed because she gave me her antique sewing machine. She has it repaired. Hmmm... now I have to think about how to bring it to my home.

Lots of fun for me this month. And I hope you've got yours too.


Monday, 6 January 2014

The New Beginning!

It is so great that we have been in the beginning of 2014. The end of 2013 was full of raining days, but 2014 was so hot! Actually, I love raining days because the air turns to be cooler here. But, I love any weather anyway.

I made a resolution for 2014. I should make one square per day so in the end of the year, I will have a granny patchwork blanket. Yoohoo! Just imagine it makes me want to jump! So, I have made some squares.

Those three squares were made on the third day of January.

Those were the forth day.

And I can't stop to make those squares. It was relaxing.

And today, I have these squares on my table. I love the colors and the way it grows.

Talk about table, yes I have my own craft table now. But, I can't take the picture of it yet because it is still a mess. :D

Maybe I can give you some snippets of it:

It has three drawers in the left side of the table. The first drawer is for storing my granny blanket project. And the second is for the other project. Oh, I will tell you a little about this project.

In the end of 2013 we celebrated our wedding anniversary and my parents visited us. And guess what they brought for the present? They gave us drinking water dispenser! I almost jumped for the excitement. Usually, we cover the water gallon with a special cover. And I thought, the crochet one would be great. So I started to pick up some yarns.

I chose these colors. The pastel colors. Then I started to make the base of it. It was circle base.


The finished object will be posted soon.

So, I have two projects for the beginning of this year. No, wait. Actually, I have three projects. The last one is this:

My crochet and knitting group had decided to make a CAL in the last meeting of 2013. We decided to make a scarf. I made this scarf only in a day. Quick and great project to make. Maybe if you want to make a special gift in a short time, this can be your choice. I can't wait to see who will get this scarf because we will be exchanging gifts.

Aaaaaah .... many things to do and many dreams to catch. Hope this year you also get a new spirit in anything you do.


Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Tree

I can smell that the Christmas is soooooo near. If you guys in the subtropical countries experience the snow or winter, we in the tropical countries like Indonesia experience the rainy season. It's raining every single day. I love it. But, yes, you should put on your rain coat or take your umbrella with you wherever you go unless you will soak up in the heavy rain.  

Christmas this year is the special Christmas for me and my hubby. Why? Because we finally have a Christmas tree! Hooray! It's silly but yes, we haven't had one. And if you have read THIS, you will know which Christmas tree that I mentioned above.

I started with the strong spirit to hook the tree. I browsed many patterns out there and finally found one. But, I'm sorry, I forgot the source. So, I apologize if someone out there find this picture and know it as his/her pattern, please be kind to contact me so I can put the link source in this post. But, actually, I have made some modification for the tree. 

I used the acrylic wool since I don't have to wear it as a clothes. Because, you know wearing a woolly clothes in the tropical area is just like a ..... sauna. :) I held three plies together so I can use my 6.00 mm hook.

The three is ready and I need to prepare some decorations to put on it. The color for the top and the under is different because I want to make a natural effect (I hope so!).

I have bought some little bells for the decorations, so I put them on. But, I thought I need some baubles. It's difficult to find a mini baubles here. I got an idea!

I peeked the Lucy's blog at Attic24 and started to hook some weeny balls. Yup, its size was just right. I love it. But, it still needed some decorations.

My Christmas tree has already been like a real Christmas tree. :D

 I made a mini rug from cotton yarn to place the tree. It seems that my rug is awful. :(

 I put the tree on my yarn shelf. I need some lights and a star to put on the top of the tree.

My hubby bought the LED lights and the star. Thank you, honey. :)

Now, my home is so bright and colorful and cheerful. I also made a Christmas wreath in the previous post. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great holiday, people! 


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Busy December

We meet again in this December after this dormant blog has waken up. I can't believe that we have almost been in the end of the 2013. But, this month is the busiest month of the year for me. There are many activities, recitals, prayers to welcome the Christmas and many things that have to be prepared and done before the 2014 is coming. 

Complicated. It seems to be an appropriate word to describe my schedule, thoughts, and other physical activities. Yup, I think I need a vacation, just a short vacation. Do you know what I need most? I want to see the greenery .... I mean, I want to enjoy a quiet and shady place. Just to be relaxed. 

This time, I decided to ask my family to go with me. And we chose Gembiraloka Zoo. This zoo has greenery because it is a garden also.

We entered each part, each room, each diorama, each cage, each pool, each field. Fortunately, the sky is sooooooooooo clear, but it was not hot. Great for walking.

The above picture is cockroaches which I saw in the insect diorama. We saw many insect collection, even the extinct ones. I can't imagine if my bathroom is full of those creatures .... yikes!

Then, we went to the other cage. The first place we met was the elephant's. There were some elephants. They were moving their heads back and forth, right to left. I wondered, Do they have earphones in their ears and played a great music?

Near the elephants, we saw a place for primates. They were orangutans and chimpanzees. Actually, there were other primates, but their cage were separated.

When we walked to the fish pool, we surprised. We found a biiiiiiiig, huuuuuuuuge fish. It was like an arowana. It was called arapaima.

After the pool, we continued our walks. We met the other species of marsupials, wallaby. This marsupials were smaller than the kangaroo in their size. But, when I looked into their eyes, why did I remember Chiki? She was alone in our home now.

There, we could meet the bird park. Unfortunately, we couldn't enter the Dome because it was closed, maybe there was a maintenance.

In the bird park, we could see many kinds of birds, like swans and ducks. It was said that this zoo is waiting for the penguins to come. But, when we got there, they weren't there yet. 

And the last place was the hippopotamus'. It was the biggest hippos there.

Well. our feet were super tired. But, we had been refreshed. Oh, we also saw a smart animals show but I didn't take any pictures there.

Aaaaaaand .... when I got home, I have to do my "yarn work". I have bought some acrylic yarns.

Can you guess what will this yarns be? No ideas? Okay, another hint.

Circle and flowers? Still no ideas? Hehehe ... okay, let's take a sneak peek....

Just slowly ...

No need to hurry ...

No patience, huh?

Well.... here it is!


CHRISTMAS WREATH! Ya, I want to have a handmade Christmas ornaments. This wreath will be hung in the front door, so the passers by can adore it. I also make another handmade ornament.

Yup! It's a mini Christmas tree. We don't have any real Christmas tree because it is hard to find the real tree in Indonesia to make into a Christmas tree. It is almost done, and I need to finish it soon. I will share the pictures when it is done

Okay, I need to hurry to do the other things. I'll see you.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Do you remembet THIS and THIS? Yes, that big project is finally revealed. Yay! Happy me!

Okay, I will tell you what it's all about. Those beautiful and colorful yarn are my project to make these ::


The inside of ASTER


The inside of AMARYLLIS


The inside of ANEMONE


The inside of AMBROSIA

You can read for the further information by clicking the page: Sacca Bag Collection above.